Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

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Duration: 37 weeks

This program is accredited by the PACB (Provinical Apprenticeship and Certification Board) as part of

Interprovincial Red Seal Certification


Fascinated by large machinary and equipment?There's never been a better time to build a carrer in this growing sector.

This program is designed to assist individuals in developing sufficient basic skills and knowledge to enter the labour force as apprentice Heavy Duty Equipment Technicians. 

Students learn to maintain, diagnose, repair and adjust equipment, tooling and lifting devices. Training is provided in maintaining heavy equipment to the degree required for safe and efficient operation, using procedures outlined in manufacturers' manuals and other instructional media.

Upon completion, students will have a comprehensive background in mechanical studies, preventative maintenance, safe shop practices, and equipment management systems.


TS1510 Occupational Health and Safety


TS1530 Standard First Aid

SV1101 Safety

SV1110 Ozone Depleting Substances

SV1166 Tools and Equipment

SV1800 Hoisting & Lifting

SV1151 Service Information Systems

SV1810 Preventive Maintenance

SV1201 Start, Move & Park Vehicle

SV1181 Fasteners, Tubings, Hoses and Fittings

SV1190 Lubrication and Fluids Servicing

SV1121 Gaskets and Seals

SV1820 Bearings

SV1830 Metallurgy

SV1301 Cutting, Heating and Welding

SV1211 Tires, Rims and Wheels

SV1303 Engine Principles

SV1310 Cooling Systems

SV1131 Electrical and Electronic Principles

SV1370 Batteries

SV1491 Conventional Lighting Circuits

SV1501 Wiring Harnesses and Accessories

SV1141 Introduction to Hydraulics

SV2381 Hydraulic Fittings, Piping, Tubing and Hoses

SV2391 Reservoirs, Coolers and Filters

WD2330 MIG Welding

SV1261 Vehicle Hydraulic Brake Systems

SV1271 Basic Air Brake Systems

SV1281 Drive Lines

SV1365 Non-Diesel Fuel Systems

SV1361 Diesel Fuel Supply Systems

SV1331 Intake and Exhaust Systems

SV1451 Steering Systems

SV1401 Gauges

AP1100 Introduction to Apprenticeship

AM1100 Math Essentials

AM1220 Math Fundamentals

CM2160 Communication Essentials

SD1760 Workplace Essentials

MC1060 Computer Essentials