Powerline Technician

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Duration: 35 weeks  

This program is accredited by the PACB (Provinical Apprenticeship and Certification Board) as part of

Interprovincial Red Seal Certification


This program is designed to assist individuals in developing fundamental skills and knowledge to enter the labour force as apprentices in the Powerline Technician field.

People who enjoy working in the elements and not being confined to a seat location will find this trade appealing. Students should be aware that the Powerline Technician trade is a very physically demanding career that includes controlled risk tasks including pole climbing and working with high voltage power lines. Employers will normally get applicants to undergo a physical capabilities assessment prior to hiring.

Upon successful completion of the Powerline Technician program, students will have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required for employment with electric power distribution utilities.



TS1510 Occupational Health and Safety


TS1530 First Aid

OL1631 Safety

OL1681 Tools and Equipment

OL1250 Access Equipment

OL1691 Pole Climbing

OL1851 Rigging, Hoisting and Lifting

OL1771 Aerial Devices and Hydraulics

OL1641 On and Off-road Equipment

OL1601 Traffic Control

OL1130 Power and Energy

ER1140 DC Theory

ER1151 Series & Parallel DC Circuits

OL1180 AC Theory

OL1190 AC Circuits

OL1240 Series and Parallel Circuits

OL1791 Grounding and Bonding

OL1721 Conductors and Cables

OL1741 Sagging Conductors

OL1714 Single-Phase Circuits

OL1701 Drawings, Schematics and Specifications

OL1715 Distribution Lines

OL1725 Overhead Distribution Structures

OL1835 Overhead Distribution Systems

OL1811 Inductance and Capitance

OL1811 Transformers

OL1821 Street Lighting Systems

OL1150 Transmission Systems

OL1781 Transmission Structures





OL1160 Steel Structure Climbing

OL1751 Tree Timiimg

OL1170 Job Planning

AP1101 Introduction to Apprenticeship

AM1100 Math Essentials

AM1270 Powerline Technician Math Fundamentals

CM2160 Communication Essentials

SD1760 Workplace Essentials

MC1060 Computer Essentials

OT1161 Workplace Exposure