Steamfitter / Pipefitter

Duration: 35 weeks

This program is accredited by the PACB (Provinical Apprenticeship and Certification Board) as part of

Interprovincial Red Seal Certification


This program is designed to assist individuals in developing fundamental skills and knowledge to enter the labour force as apprentices in the Steamfitter/Pipefitter field.

Students obtain the required education to read and interpret shop drawings and specifications to determine layout requirements, select type and size of pipe required to complete a project, measure, cut, thread and bend pipe to required shape using hand and power tools, weld, braze, cement, solder and thread joints to join pipes and fabricate sections of piping systems, test system for leaks using testing equipment, clean and maintain pipe units and fittings, remove and replace worn components.

Upon successful completion, graduates may be eligible for employment in the oil fields, paper mills, offshore drilling rigs, underground mining developments, and any other construction site that requires the transportation of fluids.


TS1510 Occupational Health and Safety


TS1530 Standard First Aid

PF1340 Tools and Equipment

PF1350 Blueprint 1 (Basic Residential)

PF1360 Blueprint 2 (Advanced Residential/Light Commercial)

PF1370 Rigging

PF1380 Introduction to Fuel Brazing and Cutting

PF1390 Pipe and Tubing Fundamentals

PF1400 Steel Piping

PF1410 Copper Piping

PF1421 Plastic Piping

PF2110 Aluminum Piping

PF1440 Piping Valves

PF1450 Hydronic Heating 1

PF1541 Low Pressure Steam

PF1550 Pipe Template Development

PF1560 Pipe Layout & Fitting Fabrication

PF1570 Introduction to Electric Welding and Cutting

AP1100 Introduction to Apprenticeship

AM1100 Math Essentials

AM1260 Math Fundamentals

CM2160 Communication Essentials

SD1760 Workplace Essentials

MC1060 Computer Essentials