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Duration: 36 weeks

This program is accredited by the PACB (Provinical Apprenticeship and Certification Board) as part of

Interprovincial Red Seal Certification

Students obtain the required education to read and interpret drawing and specifications used in the construction industry, recongize how to select lumber needed for various projects and the tools necessary to complete the job safely. They will learn the step by step process in house construction starting with the laying out of the footings to installing the ridge cap, as well as residential estimating, construction of stairs and other millwork.

Upon successful completion of the Carpenter program, graduates will be eligable for employment in many fields of carpenter such as construction, cabinet making, renovations and any other area where maintenance is required such as mining, power plants, offshore, etc.


AJ1160 Blueprint Reading

AJ1170 Residential Estimating

AJ1111 Carpentry Fundamentals

AJ1201 Layout and Footings

AJ1211 Wall Forms

AJ1221 Floor and Wall Framing

AJ1410 Interior Fundamentals

AJ1501 Interior Trim

AJ1310 Roof Fundamentals

CAR-155 Concrete

AJ1231 Exterior Finish

AJ1601 Stair Fundamentals

AJ2430 Scaffolding

TS1510 Occupational Health & Safety

HE1620 Powerline Hazards


TS1530 Standard First Aid

LA1100 Confined Space Awareness

AJ1121 Rigging

AJ2420 Post and Beam

AJ1760 Chain Saw Safety

LA1110 Fall Protection Awareness

CAR-225 Deck Layout and Framing

AP1100 Introduction to Apprenticeship

AM1100 Math Essentials

AM1130 Carpenter Math Fundamentals

CM2160 Communication Essentials

SD1760 Workplace Essentials

MC1060 Computer Essentials